04/25/2014 12:46 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2014

Colbert Sings 'The Ballad Of Cliven Bundy', Says Bundy And Hannity 'Go Together Like Ku And Klux'

We thought "The Ballad Of Cliven Bundy" was going to be the most outrageous part of this segment from Thursday's "Colbert Report," but turns out, the song was just a warm-up.

Check out the clip above where Colbert takes on Bundy and his apparent BFF Sean Hannity. As Colbert puts it, thanks to the Fox News host's non-stop coverage and support of Bundy, "Now, when anyone thinks of folks who have insight into 'the Negro,' they'll think of Sean Hannity. These two go together like Ku and Klux."

We're sure Hannity will take the joke in stride, in much the same way he's enjoyed Jon Stewart's recent barbs.