04/25/2014 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Photo Sums Up Everything About Being A Cubs Fan

It seems the Chicago Cubs' infamous curse extends to even replicas of Wrigley Field.

A five-foot by five-foot, 400-pound cake version of the Friendly Confines baked in honor of the ballpark's centennial landed in the dumpster -- uneaten -- less than 24 hours after it was unveiled Wednesday to delighted fans.

The epic confection, created by New Jersey's Buddy Valastra of "Cake Boss" fame, was reduced to a disappointing, crummy mess -- a sad but strikingly apt illustration of how Cubs fans must feel season after season.

The Wrigley cake, in happier times:

The cake was put on display with plenty of pomp at Wrigley Field on Wednesday. After the game, which the Cubs lost, the cake went to the Field Museum for a Cubs charity event.

It was all downhill after that.

By mid-day Thursday, a purported Field Museum employee tasked with disposing of the cake shared photos of the sad scene on Reddit. Naturally, they went viral, though his post has since been deleted from Reddit. (Good luck, buddy!)

In a rare reversal of roles, the Cubs got to be the disappointed party rather than the disappointers. The team released a statement to RedEye Chicago Friday:

"The Chicago Cubs are disappointed in how our Wrigley Field display cake was disposed by the Field Museum following our successful charity event. The team made a decision not to serve the edible portion after the cake was on display outside Wrigley Field for most of the day. Though the cake was mostly made up of non-edible material, it certainly does not excuse how a celebratory cake artfully created by Buddy Valastro and Carlo’s Bakery was handled."

The Field Museum responded in turn, saying, “We regret what happened and are taking steps to ensure that nothing like it happens again.”

The Cubs have made no such promises about the upcoming season.

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