04/25/2014 04:13 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

80-Year-Old Grandpa Pledges Support To Gay Grandson In An Awesome Way

This grandpa just made our whole week.

Grandpa Frank is 80 years old. Recently, he went into a tattoo parlor and got an equal sign tattooed on his wrist as a symbol of solidarity with his gay grandson, Joe. Joe had gotten the same tattoo about a month ago and Frank wanted to show his support.

"I think it's important that we show support for [Joe]," Frank says in the YouTube video uploaded by Joe's partner, Will Wrench. "Actually, my grandson came out to me first and he thought it was a big deal and I said I didn't think it was. I thought it was fine, you know? ... The whole family supported him immediately."

"This pain is nothing [compared] to what my grandson went through when he first came out," he added while the artist worked on his ink. "That had to be traumatic and I felt bad, but [then] for the whole family to come together and support him ... it was just fantastic."

The small act had a major impact.

"The world is really blessed to have people like Frank, who not only love unconditionally, but also accept everyone for who they are," Wrench wrote on YouTube.

Here's to you, Grandpa Frank.

(h/t The Advocate)



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