04/25/2014 08:52 am ET

A Simple Spring Centerpiece You Can Make In 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

Looking for a quick spring refresh to breathe new life into your home decor? Designer Kenneth Wingard of "Home Made Simple" shares his method for creating an affordable spring centerpiece -- in just two minutes.

Wingard begins with a low, long vase, several handfuls of white stones and a glass of water. Before adding the stones to the vase, he shares his first designer trick: adding an inch of water to the bottom of the vase. "When you put in these rocks, that's going to keep them from shattering your vase," he says.

As he fills the vase with the stones, Wingard explains that he chose white stones to complement the white flowers he plans to use, adding to the centerpiece's elegance. However, simply changing the type of stones can totally change the style of the piece.

"If you have a modern setting, do them with black pebbles," Wingard suggests. "You can even use seashells if it was for a beach house."

Once the stones have filled the vase, Wingard adds three votives to the vase and shares another one of his expert tips. "Don't use even numbers," he cautions. "Whenever you're decorating, use odd numbers. It gives the eye a place to rest on the center piece."

He nestles the three votives into the stones, off-center in the vase to allow room for the branch of white cherry blossoms he plans to use.

"Once you've got your three candles in, take your branch from outside. Clip it so you've got only a couple of inches before your first branch veers off," Wingard instructs. "All you're going to do is just insert that [into the vase] -- wiggle it around a little bit to get it nice and steady."

Watch the above video for Wingard's step-by-step demonstration creating this simple spring centerpiece.

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