04/28/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2014

What Dwell's Editor-In-Chief Sees When She Looks At Decor (PHOTOS)

Amanda Dameron is one of the most influential voices in the world of modern design. As the editor-in-chief of Dwell, she's brought freshness to a movement that often seems inaccessible to the average person by championing rising designers, architects and other innovators that break tradition. Dameron revealed what's catching (and keeping) her attention in The Dwell Store -- and we were able to catch up with her to find out what she sees when she looks at a product. Here's what you can borrow from the master:

Remember that less really can be more.
"I make a living evaluating aesthetic beauty of objects and spaces, but I am a firm believer that good design can't just look great—it has to be functional," Dameron says. "When I select things for my own home, I try to be realistic: Do I have room for the object? Will it serve a purpose beyond being merely decorative?"

Don't automatically "size up" when moving.
How many of us have moved to a new place and thought we could afford to indulge a little more in space-hogging furnishings and tchotchkes? Dameron advises to resist the urge to scale up when moving up, recounting her time spent in a tiny cottage that barely had enough room for a coffee cup. "I always had to take a hard look at anything I thought about adding to my home. That's not to say I didn't covet items, I just knew that I didn't have a place for them. I don't think that frame of mind will ever leave me—today I live in an apartment with generous areas for displaying things but I still have to really, really love something before I commit to buying it."

Be realistic about your lifestyle.
It's easier to live with a beautiful glass coffee table...if you live alone and never eat on it. When you're thinking about buying a new item for your home, make sure you remember who you share your space with. It's why Dameron always asks herself the following: "Can it withstand a raucous household populated by pets and babies?"

Here's a peek at a few key items in Dameron's collection for The Dwell Store.

Dwell Store Picks

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