04/28/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Apr 28, 2014

Over 50 And Need A Roommate? A New Site Has You Covered

Tom Merton via Getty Images

On average, 8,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day (according to the AARP). And true to form, they are creating new pathways through retirement's tricky waters. With longer—and healthier—life expectancies, baby boomers are seeking new, unique ways of living in their advanced years that fit with their values.

Housing is one of the many areas wherein boomers are looking for something different, with plenty of divorced boomers (as well as some who becomed widowed) seeking out roommates rather than wanting to live alone or with family. They're looking for roommates for similar reasons anyone does: to have company and someone to chat with at the end of the day; to share living costs; to share chores; and for emotional support. But up until now, they didn't have a place to go to find someone compatible—and of their generation.

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