04/29/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2014

Barbara Boxer Thinks 50 Cent Is A 'Singing Group'

Sen. Barbara Boxer's (D-Calif.) pop music cred took a slight hit Tuesday when she referred to the "singing group" 50 Cent.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Boxer criticized her Republican colleagues for opposing efforts to raise the federal minimum wage, arguing that past lawmakers raised the wage to account for changes in cost of living over time.

"Suppose the other side had taken that attitude, don't raise it," she said. "Well, it would still be, I guess, a buck an hour. 50 cents if you were kids. Today, 50 Cent is a singing group. Am I right about that?"

Boxer was apparently attempting to reference 50 Cent -- a rapper.

The Senate is expected to begin voting on the minimum wage bill Wednesday. The legislation proposes gradually increasing the hourly wage from $7.25 to $10.10 over the course of 30 months.

(h/t Washington Post)



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