04/30/2014 06:17 pm ET Updated May 01, 2014

Husband Forces Ailing Wife In Front Of Train In Alleged Murder-Suicide

Earl and Mary Myatt spent 42 years of their lives together, only to die together Sunday afternoon.

The couple, both 59, were killed when Earl forced his wife in front of the train in front of a CSX freight train passing through Verona, N.Y. in what police believe was a murder-suicide.

There was a suicide note written by Earl left in the car, which was parked alongside the tracks, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports.

Earl Myatt also called his son, Brad, 30, two minutes prior to the tragedy.

"He just said he loved me and he was sorry," Brad Myatt told

Brad said he knew something wasn't right but his father hung up when Brad asked him where he was.

New York State police have ruled Earl and Mary Myatt's deaths as a murder-suicide, since Mary was not a "willing participant," based on her medical condition, reports.

As a result of a brain aneurysm suffered in January, Mary Myatt was unable to do most tasks for herself. She would get lost during conversations and struggled to use the bathroom on her own.

Meanwhile, her condition devastated her husband, who became depressed himself. Police contend this was a factor in his decision to lead his wife to the train tracks.

Brad Myatt says he and brother, Brian, are "devastated," but wants people to know he had great parents.

"I want everyone to know that my father was a good man, and my mother was an angel who would do anything for anybody," he said, according to Newser.

Brad also called the train driver to apologize for his parents' actions.