04/30/2014 02:56 pm ET Updated May 02, 2014

The New 'I Wanna Marry Harry' Promo Has Fake Princes, Fake Butlers And Real Drama

Castles, romance and a ginger-haired prince. It's a fairy tale straight out of every little girl's dream. Fox's version of happily ever after, however, intends to dash that dream with an elaborate hoax.

The network just released a new promo for the new "Joe Millionaire"-esque dating show "I Wanna Marry Harry," revealing a deeper look at the ridiculous premise. The ladies get their first glimpse of their "prince" -- they've dubbed him "Sir" on the show -- when he arrives by helicopter. As he's immediately whisked away, the contestants spend hours speculating who the mystery man might be. Is that Prince Harry?

Of course not. The 12 women will unknowingly vie for the attention of an impostor named Matthew Hicks, a completely ordinary English bloke who doesn't mind masquerading as royalty.

The new clip features some beautiful shots of the English country house the girls will be calling home -- "We're at Downton Abbey," one of the contestants shrieks as they arrive at the estate -- and also some ominous commentary from a butler, Kingsley, who's in charge of keeping the girls in line.

"The stakes have been raised tenfold and there will be heartache and tears before bedtime," Kingsley says. And that's all before they find out the prince's true identity!



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