04/30/2014 02:12 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Ilana Glazer Takes To The Streets To Ask Strangers About Their First Times Having Sex

Ilana Glazer went on a mission: to talk to random people about sex.

In her newest video "Stranger Exchanges: Sex In The Park!" the "Broad City" star asks strangers about the first time they had sex. While some of the answers people gave were humorous -- like one man who hit on Glazer the entire interview -- the best sexperience testimonies were more thoughtful.

Glazer speaks to an older, white-haired man who recounts his wedding night and to a young woman who describes awkward "in the middle of the woods" sex. In less than four minutes, Glazer gets seven people to open up about some very personal experiences.

Everyone's first time is different, but one thing these stories have in common is that they're all a little bit awkward.



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