04/30/2014 10:40 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Katy Perry Asks Lil B To Prom After He Releases 'Katy Perry' Music Video


Lil B has a thing for naming songs after celebrities. The New Yorker called him the "strangest rapper alive" in 2012 after he debuted "I'm Miley Cyrus" and "Mel Gibson." Now, Lil B has released "Katy Perry," and after the real-life Perry saw it, she asked Lil B to prom. The chorus of the song goes, "Call me Katy Perry," over and over again, so we guess she had to take the bait.

When she first saw the song, Perry tweeted, "Before I lay my jet-lagged head down to sleep let me leave u w/a lovely #rare lullaby I came across today http://bit.ly/1fOuMl3 #taskforce"

Then she got all high school on him:

Even though Perry is nowhere to be seen in video, its YouTube description reads, "KATY BOO I LOVE YOU!!!!!! KEEP DOING YO THANG GIRL i got your back, ALSO FOR ANY OTHER FAKERS.....STOP LEECHING OFF LIL B AND USING HIS NAME FOR FILTH, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN - Lil B" Watch it below.



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