05/01/2014 12:06 pm ET Updated May 01, 2014

You Won't Want To Take Your Business Anywhere Else After You Read These Shops' Hilarious Chalkboard Signs

Admit it: Wit makes all the difference. When it comes to advertising a business, the more clever you are, chances are the more shamelessly customers will open their wallets -- and this man knows just how to spin silly sayings into marketing gold.

Joseph D'Allegro, a copywriter and advertising guru, is New Jersey's own master of hilarious sidewalk promotions.

D'Allegro, who regularly produces comedy shows in addition to copywriting, decided to take his sense of humor to the streets in 2008 after his playful "Yes, we did!" chalk sign rallied passersby during President Obama's victory celebrations. He began creating weekly chalkboard wisecracks for a Jersey gym, and the rest is history.

"From then until the gym closed in December of 2012, the best part of my week would be people reacting to the signs," he told The Huffington Post. Following the gym's closure a few months after Hurricane Sandy, D'Allegro took his chalkboard and his witty one-liners to Balance, a friend's hair salon, which he still occasionally graces with his unique signage. You might not always know whether his compliments are complimentary, but he will leave you wanting more of his good-natured snark -- and probably a new hair style.

Just weeks ago, another business recruited D'Allegro for his talent. Local pizza joint Two Boots took notice of his sassy signs, and now D'Allegro's delicious humor is displayed outside of their Jersey City outpost. We're pretty sure the only way to make slices of pizza sell faster is to pair them with "Game of Thrones" references and some poo-pooing of taxes.

So take a lesson from D'Allegro: Make 'em laugh -- it might just increase your clientele.



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