05/01/2014 12:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Never Forget Where You Parked Your Car Thanks To Google Now

Google Now already helps millions of users plan their daily commutes, keep track of upcoming flights and find nearby concerts. Now it's moving on to more important tasks: helping users remember where the heck they parked their cars.

Aimless wandering through parking lots and city sidewalks are a thing of the past thanks to the latest Google Now update, which rolls out Thursday, May 1. The update was first spotted by Android Police.


Never hit the panic button to find your car again.

Android Police reported on the added function when it was just a rumor at the beginning of April, but now it appears the site's information was correct.

Google is now listing the feature on a tech support page, where users can also learn how to turn off or modify when parking location is used.

But the feature may need a little time to work out the kinks.

Some are insisting that you get what you pay for with the free feature. Android Authority's Andrew Gush, for example, says that results are hit or miss at best, but he's hopeful that future updates can bring the feature up to scratch.

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