05/01/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated May 02, 2014

A Song For Everyone Who Keeps Recommending Shows You Need To Watch (Please, Stop!)

To all of the people who constantly recommend television shows and are exasperated at the idea that you somehow might not have seen every episode ever of this series or that, Brett Domino has a very special message for you: PLEASE, STOP!

The talented musician isn't just expressing this in text, though, but through the medium of music in this hilarious music video titled "Penelope (Please Stop Recommending So Many TV Dramas)" above.

For those curious, Domino writes that the song is aimed at everyone who keeps doing this and he doesn't "actually know anyone called Penelope - it's just a musical device." Probably a good thing, as that might have been awkward after putting this song out.