05/02/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hero Cats Save Their Owners' Lives

Finally, some proof that cats aren't total jerks who don't care about their owners.

Early last month, a Portland woman said her cat saved her life when a fire broke out in her mobile home. The brave pussy meowed until the woman woke up and realized her home was ablaze, according to KGW. She and the kitten made it out safely.

That's a cat win.

In March, the Internet went crazy for rescue cat Pretty Pippa, who has saved her young owner Mia's life more than 20 times. Ever since Pretty Pippa was rescued, she's been waking 8-year-old Mia up when her blood sugar gets dangerously low. Mia, who suffers from diabetes, has avoided several hypoglycemic episodes thanks to Pretty Pippa, according to the RSPCA.

Cat win.

Late last year, Missouri resident Erna Pratt started having stroke symptoms. She called out to her daughter, but her daughter was asleep. So she asked her 13-year-old cat Trigger to wake her daughter up. Trigger did exactly that, according to Yahoo News, and Pratt's daughter was able to call 911 just in time.

Cat win.

Of course, we can't do a hero cat story without mentioning Pudding who, just hours after adoption, saved her owner's life by nipping at her to wake her from a diabetic seizure. It worked, and Amy Jung regained consciousness just long enough to call for help.


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