05/05/2014 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Global Criminalization Of Homosexuality, From Dan Savage (VIDEO)

In the wake of Uganda's recent criminalization of homosexuality, Dan Savage, Host of Savage Lovecast, addressed the highly charged topic of anti-gay legislation.

“Obama’s State Department has been really good about this issue, pushing back hard against countries that criminalize homosexuality,” Dan said.

When it comes to the countries that are criminalizing homosexuality, like Uganda and Russia, Dan feels these appalling laws are an attempt to show that they are in a higher position.

“These countries are trying to assert their superiority over the Decadent West by beating up queer people and criminalizing gay existence and relationships,” he explained. “It’s tragic.”

“As we make gains for LGBT people in the West, there’s a backlash in other countries like Russia and Uganda. It’s really at the level of the State, and we need to push back, hard,” Dan urged.

One specific avenue where Dan would like to see more pushback is with the current Pope, since Uganda is primarily a Catholic country, and the author of the current anti-gay legislation in Uganda is a Catholic woman. Dan thinks Pope Francis—who has famously spoken out as a supporter of gay rights—should put more “muscle” behind his words and take action against this anti-gay legislation.

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