05/02/2014 07:00 am ET Updated May 02, 2014

We're Just Going To Declare That 2014 Is The Year Of The Sheet Cake

James Ransom/Food52

We aren't in the habit of predicting food trends at the start of the year. We don't have a crystal ball; we can't read tarot cards; so we really aren't sure which direction the taste buds of the general public are going to navigate. We leave that guessing game in the hands of other food professionals (and our media partners) while we gladly take the bench.

But, you guys, we've been noticing something lately... a trend in food that we can't and absolutely don't want to keep to ourselves: SHEET CAKES.

The craze with ombre gave layered cakes -- which we still love -- a time to shine. Momofuku Milk Bar even gave them a new suit. Cupcakes we all know were a national fave in the all-too-recent past. But sheet cakes, the seemingly unimpressive cake, have been completely overlooked. Until this year.

We recently discovered the greatest cake in the world (according to Sweet Paul) and tried one of the best cakes America has ever made (according to us) and guess what? They were both sheet cakes. BOTH. Then yesterday we hopped on over to Bon Appetit and saw their lastest test kitchen creation -- this beautiful sheet cake recipe -- and it hit us. Sheet cake is really having a moment. And it's about time.

So here it is: We declare that this year, 2014, is absolutely the year of the sheet cake.

Sheet Cake

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