05/05/2014 10:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Straight Couples And Anal Sex, From Dan Savage (VIDEO)

Dan Savage, Host of Savage Lovecast, shared one simple, effective piece of advice for couples that are hesitant about experimenting with anal sex.

If, for example, a female in a heterosexual relationship is hesitant to try anal sex, Dan recommends letting her penetrate her male partner first, with a sex toy such as a strap-on dildo.

“Sometimes, the best way to convince someone that anal sex is pleasurable is by putting your own butt on the line!” he laughed.

“Some people have it in their head that anal sex is only for gay people, but anal pleasure is for everybody,” Dan told us.

For more of Dan's relationship advice, view the slideshow below:

Dating, Sex And Love Tips From Dan Savage

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