05/04/2014 08:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weird Mother's Day Gifts For Your Weird Mom

Your mom is weird.

That's not meant to be criticism, it's a celebration!

For too long, businesses and advertisers have forced the image of mothers as loving ciphers happily willing to benignly accept wilted flowers and chain restaurant buffets as their annual reward for the hardest job in the world: Raising a weirdo like you.

HuffPost Weird News wants to change that. Each mom is weird in her own unique way and deserves a gift to honor her flat-out wackiness, those little personality quirks that alternately annoy and make you smile.

Each of these gifts is perfect for some kind of weird mom and if you're too cheap to buy her one of them, just send her a link to the guide.

Weird Mother's Day Gifts 2014

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