05/03/2014 07:58 am ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The 10-year anniversary of "Mean Girls" was this week, and the celebration and accompanying tweets were almost good enough to make fetch happen. As everyone donned their pink outfits (because on Wednesdays we wear pink) the Internet's funny women took to Twitter to commemorate one of the best cinematic experiences of the 2000s. "Netflix says Mean Girls is in the spotlight today but it is in the spotlight of my heart EVERY day," tweeted Mara Wilson. Preach, Mara.

While some were excited, others were a bit overwhelmed by the enormous celebration that took over the Internet on Wednesday. "You guys, I love Mean Girls as much as anyone, but I am not sure it warrants this 50th-anniversary-of-JFK-assassination-level of coverage," Meredith Blake tweeted. To each her own, Meredith. To each her own.

Indeed, a lot has changed since 2004. "Emails that contain the phrase 'just fax this to...' might as well say 'go to Narnia and wait there for further instructions,'" tweeted Maureen Johnson. These days, fax machines are just cold, shiny, hard plastic.

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