05/05/2014 12:53 am ET

'Napoleon Dynamite' Dance 100 Times Is Now Off The Bucket List

Talk about dedication.

Matt Bray not only learned how to do a spot-on version of the classic dance scene from the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynamite," he also went ahead and filmed himself dancing it.

And then he did it again. And again. And again.

Every day for more than 100 days, Bray danced -- and the edited video above shows him completing "100 days of dance," or item #117 on his bucket list.

"Technically it was around 120 something days but 100 days sounds better," he writes in the description of the video of him dancing to "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai.

Bray has been documenting his efforts to cross items off his unusual bucket list and posting the videos to YouTube under the name "ProjectOneLife."

"I have a Bucket List and I am trying to live life to the fullest," he writes in the description.

Bray spoke to the Naperville Sun about his project.

Some of the list items he's taken care of so far include "Crash a Wedding" (#13), "Eat White Castle Like Harold and Kumar" (#45) and "Break a Guinness World Record" (#11).

His record? "Most whoopee cushions sat on in 30 seconds."

(h/t Gawker)


  • So It's Time For Your Holiday Office Party
    And you have the urge to be on the dance floor.
  • And While You Would Like To See Your Party Rock Out Like This...
    SO happy to be here
  • Some Dance Moves Aren't So Impressive
    What happened?!
  • Like The The Body Wave
    If done right, you'll be a sexpot. If done wrong ... awkward. Unless you've mastered this move on a wall, leave it at home.
  • Or The Safety Dance
    It's not as safe as it sounds, and yes, your friends will probably leave you behind if you bust this out. So who should we blame? Canadian pop band Men Without Hats. Watch for yourself.
  • Who Thought The Macarena Was Still Cool?
    Join in, but don't be the first person to start. And if you join in, don't start humping the air like these dudes.
  • Leave The Twerking To Miley
    What's twerking? Moving your butt cheeks together or alternating butt winks in a squat position. See, now try explaining that to your co-workers.
  • And The Body Roll At Home
    The ultimate rock-out move for former club-goers.
  • And The Robot Dance, Probably In The '60s
    Unless you can move like these guys, attempt the robot at your own risk.
  • The Worm Can Hurt
    The classic breakdance move that can result in an injury. And remember, the dance floor probably isn't the cleanest spot anyways.
  • And The Chicken Dance Is Just Embarrassing
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  • And Don't Fall Into The Trap Of Gangnam Style (Again)
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  • Or This
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  • But Remember...
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