05/05/2014 08:49 am ET

Real Fox News Question: 'Are Female Breadwinners A Problem?'

"Fox and Friends" hosted a debate on Sunday about whether wives outearning their husbands could lead to "marital problems."

Fox News Clayton Morris kicked off the segment asking, "Are female breadwinners a problem?" He asked guest Kmele Foster, "Is there a problem with men earning less than women in the household, and do you think that it could throw off -- that it actually could cause big marital problems?"

Foster acknowledged that couples where the woman outearns the man could be judged by others, but said it was an issue that could be overcome in a strong relationship.

"I get the cultural argument, guys. I mean, I can see how -- we can all weave our way through cultural issues," Morris responded, before asking guest Kris Schoels, "But isn't there some sort of biological, innate need for men to be the caveman? Go out and bring home the dinner and actually go out -- is it emasculating if we don't do it?"

Later, he asked guest Joanne Nosuchinsky if she would "lose respect" for a man who stays home with the kids while she brings home a paycheck.

(h/t Media Matters)