05/05/2014 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Derby-Bound Bachelor Party Finds Missing Man's Corpse In RV

A group of friends headed to the Kentucky Derby for a bachelor party found a missing man's corpse in their rented RV, police say.

A strange odor led them to the body of 22-year-old Kevin Casserly in an exterior compartment of the vehicle when they stopped off in Winona, Minn., along Highway 61,according to the Star Tribune. Casserly was last seen in his hometown of Anoka on Nov. 12, running with no shoes at about 7:30 a.m. His family has feared foul play since he disappeared.

One of the men in the bachelor party, Jake Wanek, told the Star Tribune that he saw the body from the knees down. Casserly had pants on but no shoes.

"It didn't look fresh," Wanek said. "Let's put it that way."

Family members told CBS that Casserly has struggled with a methamphetamine addiction in the past, but that he was in active recovery.

It's unclear who -- or what -- killed Casserly. Police aren't identifying the owner of the RV, but one of the men who rented it said the owner explicitly told them not to open the compartment where Casserly was found.

The day before he went missing, Casserly called his mom to tell her he was calling in sick to work, the Star Tribune reports. She went to check on him and found his apartment door open, with his cell phone and wallet left inside.



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