05/05/2014 09:45 am ET Updated May 05, 2014

'May The Fourth Be With You' Video From NASA Puts 'Star Wars' In Spotlight

May the fourth be with you!

That's what true fans of the 1977 science fiction classic "Star Wars" say on May 4, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, and this year--with the help of Lucasfilm--NASA got into the act by releasing its own fun little video. As the space agency explained:

In celebration of Star Wars Day, NASA flight engineer Rick Mastracchio hopes to deliver a special message from the International Space Station. Little does he know, however, that the Empire plans to jam his transmissions. Thankfully, R2-D2 is on the case.

Sounds like fun, and it is. Grab your lightsaber and check it out above--the video lasts only 70 seconds.