05/05/2014 12:26 pm ET Updated May 07, 2014

Woman Live-Tweets Terrible Date, Makes Us Glad We Weren't On It

Perhaps a new dating mantra should be: "If you wouldn't want it broadcast to thousands of people, just don't say it."

Tanya Edwards, a writer and editor who regularly contributes to Glamour, happened to overhear a pretty cringeworthy first date last Thursday. As any Good Samaritan should, Edwards took to Twitter to transcribe the highlights. The resulting story in tweets is fairly hilarious.

"I admit it. I eavesdropped on the worst date ever. And thanks to the power of Twitter, you can also experience this horrorshow," said Edwards in an email to HuffPost Women.

This tragic storyline covers all the bad-first-date bases: Food-shaming, mansplaining, career condescension, poor manners and a general inability to speak to and treat a woman respectfully. It starts with a sneeze:

For the woman at the receiving end of this guy's "moves": your experience is as cringeworthy as it is familiar. While this charming young chap didn't know his missteps would be compressed into 140 characters and broadcast across the web, some of these horrifying gems should just never be said.

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CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this article, HuffPost mischaracterized the event as a "first" date. It was not a "first" date.



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