Girl Hugs Dad With Two Arms For First Time After Friends Surprise Her With Bionic Limb

Torri Biddle's well-being has never been far from her father's thoughts.

"There were always fears in the back of my mind ... Is she going to be able to do the things she wants to?" Joe Biddle said in a video produced by The Buried Life. "The fear never left the back of my head. Never. Just always constantly worried about her."

While it's expected for parents to worry, Joe was especially concerned about how the world treated his daughter, who was born with a short arm that doesn't extend beyond her elbow. But thanks to The Buried Life, a group that helps strangers achieve their dreams, Joe has a little less worrying to do.

At the Invisible Children's Fourth Estate Summit at UCLA, Torri was surprised on stage by The Buried Life team, who announced she'd be receiving a bionic arm from Hanger Clinic.

"Your friends contacted us," a member of The Buried Life says onstage in the video. "They said that before they die, what they want more than anything in the world is to get you a custom-fit bionic arm."

But Torri's friends didn't just make a phone call. They started a social media campaign with the hashtag #HandForTorri, to garner attention for their deserving friend. The message spread from coast to coast.

Two weeks after the summit, Torri received a bionic right arm, made specially for her. Technological advances make it possible for Torri to have complete control over the limb, even down to finger movements, as seen in The Buried Life video. One of the first things that Torri does after receiving her new limb, is hug her dad with both of her arms.

"This is what she has always wanted her whole life," Joe said in the video, as he watched his daughter smile. "For her to overcome everything she has in her life, and now to finally get something like this, now she's opened up a whole new world for her."

Learn more about other dreams that have come true on The Buried Life's website.



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