05/06/2014 12:01 pm ET Updated May 06, 2014

News Of Hot Dog Stand's Closing Prompts Epic First-World Freakouts


In what's been dubbed an "encased meat emergency," the owner of one of Chicago's most beloved hot dog restaurants announced Tuesday that his shop will close -- for good -- this fall.

Hot Doug's owner Doug Sohn confirmed to the Chicago Tribune's Kevin Pang Tuesday that his popular eatery -- known for their delicious dogs and duck-fat fries and the massive lines of diners they attract -- will be closed for good come Oct. 4, when his "permanent vacation" begins.

"For me it's time," Sohn told DNAinfo Chicago. "There really is no overwhelming reason other than it's time to go do something else. ... The plan is not to own a restaurant anymore."

Sohn also took to Twitter to confirm the news, specifically addressing the restaurant's tradition of offering free hot dogs to anyone sporting a Hot Doug's tattoo. Obviously, now is not the best time to get the ink -- if you're only in it for the free food, that is.

As expected in a town that takes hot dogs as seriously as Chicago does, Windy City foodies did not take the news well. We rounded up some of the most hyperbolic, frequently all-caps (and occasionally expletive-laden) reactions:

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