05/06/2014 08:43 am ET Updated May 06, 2014

8 Brilliant Organizing Ideas From Real-Life Pantries

While some may fantasize about gorgeous kitchen renovations, there's one dream feature that's within reach: An organized pantry. Whether yours is the size of a closet (or just a cabinet), we've rounded up inspiring examples that have one thing in common -- neatness.

Glass jars are always a good idea... Because there's no point in stashing away kitchen staples if you can't see what you're storing in no time at all.

...as are labels. A fantastic way to keep track of your inventory, labels also add an element of uniformity and character in a pretty standard spot.

Baskets are a safe bet when organizing. Whether wire or woven, catch-alls of any kind work to not only store bulkier products but to mask a mild hoarding problem as well.

And hanging anything always helps to carve out more room. Haplessly stacking pots and pans is so yesterday -- try hanging that heftier cookware that tend to get lost in a heap or take up too much room.

Pantries aren't just one-color-fits-all... As much as we love a classic white kitchen, adding a pop of color to the pantry makes a bold statement and gives new life to the entire room.

...and they don't have to be one-size-fits-all. While every homeowner probably dreams of the perfectly organized, walk-in storage center, that may not work in your space or add the element of character you had hoped for. Enter Exhibit A.

The key is making the most of the space you have. And if the open shelving unit doesn't quite do the trick, enter Exhibit B -- the mudroom or kitchen entryway turned into a pantry.

And don't forget the command center. As previously indicated, the kitchen is the quintessential home command center, so if you're looking to enhance this feature, accent the pantry with a chalkboard for grocery lists or menus and decorative elements like aprons and twine.

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