05/07/2014 07:00 am ET Updated May 07, 2014

The Trick To Heavy Drinking Without Getting Drunk

Go ahead, have another cocktail.

No matter how much we might suffer the morning after, not many of us can resist a late night with friends and booze. You've probably woken up from one or two of these soirees swearing off alcohol (in all its forms) for life, only to find yourself meeting a couple of friends at the bar just a few days later. And... the cycle continues.

What if we told you we could put an end to all that, once and for all, without having to eliminate the going out and drinking part? No, this is not a hangover cure -- as hard as we've looked we've yet to find that. This is a trick from a drinking expert and co-founder of Sam Adams, Jim Koch, to help you get less drunk while still drinking the same amount. Being in his business you need to know how to hold your liquor (er, beer) if you're going to make it. And he did. The solution? Dry active yeast. Like the kind you find at the grocery store.

Koch shared his yeast trick in an interview with Aaron Goldfarb of Esquire. What he does is mix and eat Fleischmann’s dry yeast with yogurt before a night of heavy drinking. While it isn't an exact prescription, Koch recommends ingesting one teaspoon per beer. The yeast, for reasons others are better at explaining, could theoretically mitigate the effects of alcohol. Although, a group of food scientists interviewed by Mental Floss were skeptical.

So you can stay for that last call without having to worry about how it's going to make your head feel the next day. You are welcome, friends.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no medical evidence that this technique works. And remember, it's not coming from a medical professional, so take it with a grain of salt. And we'd also recommend drinking responsibly.

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