05/07/2014 11:01 am ET Updated May 07, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says Rehab Is Amazing


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finally sought treatment for substance abuse, and according to the Canadian press, he's loving it.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Ford said he is currently in a treatment center, but declined to comment on his location or whether he remains in Canada.

“Rehab is amazing. It reminds me of football camp," he told the newspaper. “I am working out every day and I am learning about myself, my past and things like that."

After a year of gaffes and controversies, the embattled mayor announced last week that he was taking a leave of absence to combat his addictions. Ford made the announcement after a video emerged that appears to show him smoking crack cocaine -- the second such film to emerge.

While Ford was initially expected to enter the U.S. for treatment, officials said he "voluntarily" turned back after landing in Chicago. His whereabouts remain unclear.

Ford also revealed to The Sun that he made the decision to enter rehab the morning after he was taped in an incoherent tirade at a bar, in which he can be heard insulting his wife, his mayoral opponent, the gay community and bar staff. The incident was the latest in a string of recordings of Ford appearing belligerent and worse-for-wear.

CORRECTION: An earlier image accompanying this story showed Doug Ford instead of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.



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