05/08/2014 03:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'VB6' Author Mark Bittman On Processed Foods: 'The Biggest Hoax In The World'

Flocking the shelves of grocery stores are packaged foods that promise to be nutritious with labels reading "double the protein" or "extra fiber." However, simply adding these extra supplements into processed foods doesn't make them healthy.

Mark Bittman joined HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps to discuss "The VB6 Cookbook," the latest installment in his writing about the vegan-before-6 p.m. diet. During the conversation, Bittman shared the most important thing people need to know about the labels they see in supermarkets.

"The biggest hoax in the world, I think, is taking grains, processing them to death, and then adding fiber back in and claiming it's high fiber," Bittman said. "I mean, this is really weird stuff."

The process sounds especially strange in Bittman's breakdown of what it actually entails.

"Imagine if you have a food that's three or four components, and you take them apart, and you use one of them stripped of all the nutrients possible and then you say, 'How can we make this resemble the thing that we just took apart? We'll buy some of that, we'll buy some of that, we'll buy some of that, we'll mix them in here,' but they're not the things you took out," he said.

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