05/09/2014 11:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 HuffPost Parodies That Made Us Laugh, Too

The Onion

In honor of The Huffington Post's 9th birthday, we're taking a look back at nine of the times we were the butt of the joke... and we loved it.

From "Saturday Night Live" impressions and headlines in The Onion, to an inspired Twitter parody and little something called "Sideboob," some of our favorite satirists have reminded us over the years how important it is to laugh at yourself.

And, we promise you, no one laughed harder at "Huffington Man" than we did. Check out 9 of our favorite HuffPost parodies below.

1. Nasim Pedrad's Arianna impression on "Weekend Update"

Could you be serious, darlings?

2. The Onion: "Arianna Huffington Unveils New 'Huffington Man' Aggregated From 84 Different Humans"

“He is the best parts of 84 different men—the athlete, the businessman, the scholar, the pop culture expert—all in one marvelous and extraordinary human being.”

3. @HuffPoSpoilers

Spoiler alert: we LOL'd.

4. The Onion: "Huffington Post Completes 63 Million Page 'Where Are They Now' Slideshow Of Every Celebrity Ever"

Oh, come on. You know you'd click through.

5. Funny Or Die: "AOL Buys HuffPo: You've Got News!"

Our free discs must have gotten lost in the mail.

6. The Fluffington Post

Adorable animal photos and attention-grabbing headlines? Of course we're into it.

7. Stephen Colbert's "The Colbuffington Re-Post"

Sorry, Colbert. There can be only one.

8. The Onion: "'Huffington Post' Launches Some Sort Of New Thing"

We loved how The Onion reported on the launch of HuffPost Live.

9. And, finally, that one time Jon Stewart called us The Sideboob Gazette

*Slow clap*



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