05/09/2014 11:01 am ET Updated May 09, 2014

Awesome Senior Prank Brings Camel To School For 'Hump Day'

This senior prank wins.

In honor of their last high school “hump day” on Wednesday, a group of seniors arranged for a live camel to show up on the campus of their Kansas City-area school. Using $100 dollars, the students at Raymore-Peculiar High School rented the camel for an hour from a local family that owns exotic animals, according to local outlet KMBC-TV.

Students were able to take pictures with the camel, which was held in a pen outside the school. Surrounding the pen were signs that read, "Seniors last hump day."

"Everyone loved it. The teachers thought it was awesome, everyone took pictures. ... And nobody got mad, and it was a good prank," said senior Patricia Pollard, per KMBC.

"We as seniors just like to go out with a big bang," Tyler Wornell, who helped organize the prank, told local outlet KCTV. "Obviously senior pranks are a tradition, and we wanted to make this our own."

The camel, named Gabriella, reportedly also enjoyed the day.

"She was so bubbly and actually left a mark on my shoulder. She likes to give lots of hugs and kisses, which I didn't really like because they were slobbery," senior Suzie Lottie, who also helped organize the prank, told KCTV. "She was loving. She was really sweet."

Some of the school’s students captured the camel’s appearance on Instagram, as shown below:



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