05/09/2014 08:47 am ET Updated May 09, 2014

Colbert Has The Perfect Response To Fox Host's Encounter With A Viewer

Colbert is just as surprised as he said Stu Varney seemed to be that people actually watch him on Fox Business.

Varney described a walk he took outside in New York City, and sounded fascinated by the positive feedback he got from people he encountered. Colbert played the clip on Thursday night. Varney said he was walking outside when a young man who was not dressed like a banker came up to him and extended his hand. He thought the man wanted money, but was mistaken. "Who would've thought? He is a viewer," the host mused.

"Yes," Colbert agreed. "Who would've thought someone watches Stu Varney?" Watch the rest of his response to what he called "Stewey's day out" in the clip above.