05/09/2014 04:55 pm ET

Obama Administration Is Trying To Pull Out Of The War On Drugs, Filmmaker Says

Documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki discussed the Obama administration's evolving stance on the war on drugs on HuffPost Live Friday.

Jarecki said that during President Barack Obama's second inauguration, he hoped Obama might seize the moment to move the country away from the drug war, and has been pleased to see Obama do just that in recent months.

"I wonder whether [Obama] realizes that one of the great legacy opportunities he has in his second term is to sort of establish some justice here, establish some actual mercy and some Christian compassion for this nation in terms of the war on drugs," Jarecki said of this thinking at the time. "And I have to say, having been quite a critic of Obama, that in the past several months we have seen significant moves by his administration."

While moves by the administration -- which Jarecki explains in the video above -- clearly signify progress, Jarecki's ultimate hope is that the public finally realizes that the legalization of drugs should be codified within tax law and regulated.

"If you told the government that you can tax and regulate drugs just as you do alcohol, you hit them where they're most vulnerable in the stupidity of this drug war," Jareki said. "Alcohol is more destructive than any of the drugs in the schedule of illegal drugs that we're talking about in this country, and yet it is treated far less severely than the rest of those drugs."

Watch a clip of Jarecki's interview above.



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