05/09/2014 08:23 am ET Updated May 09, 2014

Iyanla Vanzant Steps In To Help 'Love & Hip Hop' Stars With Their Co-Parenting Issues (VIDEO)

Fans of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" know rap artist Saigon and his on-again-off-again love Erica as a troubled pair. On their reality show, the two often shock audiences and go head to head, airing their dysfunction and vindictive behavior for the world to see. Yet even after years of fighting, Erica wants to get along with Saigon, whose real name is Brian, for the sake of their son. So, the two agree to bring in Iyanla Vanzant to help them come together and co-parent.

When Iyanla arrives, she sees firsthand how difficult it is for Erica and Brian to even be in the same room together. In an effort to open up a meaningful dialogue, Iyanla asks Brian to look at Erica and tell her what he sees.

Brian positions himself to face Erica, who can't even look at him. "I see the mother of my child," Brian tells Iyanla. "And I see a woman who... I don't know if Erica is misguided or she's--"

Suddenly, Erica stands up.

"I don't want to talk to him anymore," she says, visibly upset. "I don't want to talk to him anymore!"

Iyanla tries to diffuse the situation. "No, no, no, Erica. He's not talking to you, he's talking to me," Iyanla says.

"No, because everything about him is negative," Erica insists, sitting back down. "Everything he's saying is negative!"

"Miss Erica, put on your big-girl panties. Take a breath. You can do this. Take a breath," Iyanla instructs.

Turning back to Brian, Iyanla asks him to continue. "Tell me what you see," she tries again.

"I see the mother of my child, who I love with all my heart," Brian says. "And I see a woman who I believe is being misguided and being led down the wrong direction."

Iyanla then prompts the hip hop star to open up even more. "What I want Erica to know is I was never against her," Brian says before addressing Erica directly. "We have one commonality and that's our son. And you're making it a battle between me and you."

Brian and Erica appear on the season premiere of "Iyanla: Fix My Life" this Saturday, May 10, at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.



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