05/09/2014 03:17 pm ET Updated May 09, 2014

Man Arrested For Threatening John Boehner Over Unemployment Extension


A man was arrested Thursday night after threatening House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) over Congress' failure to pass legislation restoring unemployment benefits, Politico reports.

Brandon James Thompson of Indiana made a number of threats on Boehner’s website and to his wife's phone. The FBI said he admitted to the threatening calls.

Politico reports:

Thompson, of New Castle, Ind., allegedly left a message on Boehner’s website March 31, calling Boehner (R-Ohio) “drunk John Bin Laden” and threatening to take his life “with my sniper rifle” because he wanted to “play with 2.7 million lives.”

On May 1, Boehner’s wife got a message on her cell phone that stated that the man was “coming after your oompa loompa [explitive] husband.”

“He shoulda extended unemployment insurance,” the caller allegedly said, according to the FBI. “Now, it’s too late. Imma rip his [expletive] head off.”

The Senate advanced an extension of unemployment insurance in April, which Boehner called "unworkable." In March, House Republicans said it was just too late to pass legislation restoring unemployment benefits to the more than 2 million workers who've missed out since December 28, when Congress let those benefits expire.

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