05/10/2014 10:00 am ET Updated May 10, 2014

There Was An Israeli Spy In Al Gore's Bathroom, Report Claims

As reports swirled this week accusing Israel of aggressive spying on the U.S., one allegation was centered on one of the world's most private places.

On Tuesday, Newsweek published a wide-ranging piece entitled "Israel Won't Stop Spying On The U.S.," claiming that the country's "espionage activities" against America "are unrivaled and unseemly."

Two days after that initial item surfaced, Newsweek unveiled a follow-up report, alleging that Israel's spying went so far as to include the bathroom of former Vice President Al Gore.

According to a senior former U.S. intelligence operative, a Secret Service agent who was enjoying a moment of solitude in Gore’s bathroom before the Veep arrived heard a metallic scraping sound. “The Secret Service had secured [Gore’s] room in advance and they all left except for one agent, who decided to take a long, slow time on the pot,” the operative recalled for Newsweek. “So the room was all quiet, he was just meditating on his toes, and he hears a noise in the vent. And he sees the vent clips being moved from the inside. And then he sees a guy starting to exit the vent into the room.”

A senior Israeli defense official strongly dismissed the allegations Friday, telling Defense News that the claims were "baseless bullsh*t" and a "vicious lie."

“If they have allegations, rumors or even pieces information, we say ‘Please share them with us,'" the official told DefenseNews.



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