05/10/2014 09:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Beauty Advice We've Ever Received From Our Mothers

There are no words that can truly express the love and gratitude that we have for our mothers. Every day they bestow upon us their great wisdom, including guidance on how to heal from a broken heart and how to strut in a killer pair of high heels.

The lessons we've learned from our mothers are deeply-rooted within us. And since sharing is something they would appreciate, we're dropping gems from our mamas.

In honor of Mother's Day, we are sharing with you the best beauty advice we've ever received from our mothers (and grandmothers).

Renee Jacques, HuffPost Associate Viral Editor

donna jacques renee jacques

"Always put lotion on right after you get out the shower or else you'll have 'alligator skin.'" - Donna Jacques

Dana Oliver, HuffPost Style Senior Beauty Editor

dana oliver shirley oliver

"Smile, Dana!" - Shirley Oliver

Brennan Williams, HuffPost Pop Cultural Editor

anna williams

When it came to advising my personal appearance through the years, my mom [Anna] always recommend that I maintain stellar hygiene, and to remain a gentleman while keeping classy!

Michelle Persad, HuffPost Style Fashion Editor

michelle persad cheryl mcgrath

"Don't rub your eyes and don't touch your face." - Cheryl McGrath

Megan Mayer, HuffPost Style Associate Editor

melanie mayer megan mayer

"My most favorite thing in my bathroom cabinet is a jar of Sisley Global anti-age cream. It feels so amazing when I put it on my face. It's expensive, but moisturizing is so important and it's well worth it. With that said, I think the best beauty advice is a good night's sleep and lots of water." - Melanie Mayer

Yasmine Hafiz, HuffPost Religion Associate Editor

yasmine afiz

"Be happy for today!" - Yvonne Karamali, grandmother

"It's more important to be beautiful on the inside than on the outside." Dilara Hafiz, mom

Jamie Feldman, HuffPost Style Fellow

jamie feldman

"Never be afraid to experiment with hair. It's just hair, and it grows back! Always feel free to express your beauty -- whether through makeup, piercings, or otherwise. It's important to express yourself. Also, eye cream, eye cream and more eye cream." - Samantha, mom

"It's never too early to start using anti-aging moisturizer. Lipstick is an extremely important tool. Pick a hairdresser and stick with him. And you can make anything look expensive as long as you wear it the right way -- with confidence." Milly, grandmother

Julee Wilson, HuffPost Black Voices Style & Beauty Editor

mary ann wilson

My mom [Mary Ann] has always told me: "Pretty is as pretty does"-- meaning your beauty comes from how well you treat people and carry yourself in the world. No amount of makeup, lotions or potions can mask a mean spirit.

Chanel Parks, HuffPost Style Fellow

chanel parks

If there's one thing my mom [Marilyn] has taught me about beauty, it's that you really don't need to conform to any type of trend -- my mom has dyed her hair a million colors and wears the flashiest prints, because they represent her, not what others think about her. This has definitely been an inspiration for the bold, bright lipsticks I wear and my ability to accept my hair as hair, not a super precious gem that's worth a million dollars. Read: Don't cry over it, and cover it with a wig. Ha!

Julie Miller, HuffPost Style Blogger

julie c miller

"Take great care of your skin: sunscreen & facials." - Margaret Carlson Citron