05/10/2014 10:08 am ET Updated May 10, 2014

Here's How To Open A Bottle of Champagne With A Sword, And Impress Everyone At The Party

What's the most effervescent way to open a bottle of Champagne? With a saber, of course! The stunt might seem like highbrow trickery, but it actually can be explained by basic physics. Just check the YouTube video (above) from celebrity chef Alton Brown (but as he warns, it's probably best not to try the potentially dangerous stunt yourself).

As we all know, the carbon dioxide inside a bottle of bubbly exerts a lot of pressure. "In other words, a corked Champagne bottle is a bomb waiting to go off," Brown says in the video. "The point is, focus and control the blast to get at the stuff inside. This can be done by applying a sharp blow here where one of the bottle seams meets the lip of the bottle."

Why not deliver that blow with a saber?

First, the bottle should be placed upside down in a bucket of ice for at least 10 minutes, Brown explains. Then, remove the outer foil and cage from the bottle before putting the blade of the saber flat against the bottle's seam. Swing through toward the cork, and then -- pop! You're ready to toast science!




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