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The Best Happiness Advice, According To Moms

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When we weren't rolling our eyes at her or arguing over curfew, the moms in our lives actually served up some pretty good advice. Maybe she taught you how to drive or how to cook more than just Ramen noodles; maybe she imparted some wisdom on humility or showed you what it means to be a friend. But perhaps the greatest lesson our mothers taught us was about how to really be happy.

Whether it was through a little tough love or just by being a shoulder to lean on, moms (and mother figures) sometimes know just what to say to help us be our best selves. So we asked our Twitter and Facebook communities, as well as some HuffPost editors, to share the best happiness advice their moms have shared over the years. In honor of Mother's Day, below find mom-approved lessons on how to live a life of joy.

"My mom taught me happiness is a chosen state of mind. Not everything goes the way you want it to but you can still choose to be happy in spite of your current situation." -Jenifer Williams

"Forgive others and to love your enemies. She also taught me that if I think positive, negativity won't ruin my day." -@rosemarieradke


"The best happiness advice my mom ever gave me was to remember that unhappy times can't last forever, and that everything -- good and bad, happens for a reason. And when all else fails -- there are always new shoes." -Jamie Feldman, Fellow, HuffPost Style

"She always told me to focus on the good things." -Evie Friend

"Whatever the situation, however bad it gets, there is always humor to rely on to get you through it. A keen sense of humor, no matter the stretch it requires, can soften and relieve. Laughter truly is medicine." -Kate Graham O'Malley

"[The best happiness advice she gave me was] to spread it!" -@YourStylistAJ

"My mother taught me that I deserve happiness, no matter what." -@UrbanYogaMom

"She said to leave a bit of happiness with everyone I come across; I never know how badly someone needs it." -@SheilasThoughts


"My mom often says, 'We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.' It's a great reminder that worrying about something far off in the future doesn't solve a thing -- and dampens happiness in the meantime." -Sarah Klein, Senior Editor, Health & Fitness

"[Happiness] isn't an experience to chase, it's a way of being. Follow your dreams and trust in yourself." -@mzfeatherstone

"Don't waste your time on anyone who doesn't believe in your dreams." -@annabeyerle

"My mom taught me to go out if a friend invites you to do something fun, you can always clean your house later." -Sue Clayton

"My mom taught me that if you just wait through the storm, the sun will shine again." -@KellyKathleen1


"Do what makes you happy. If you find out it doesn't, at least you'll know you tried and you can move on to discovering what really, truly does." -Samantha Toscano, Associate Editor, HuffPost Home

"A happy life is made up of small pleasures, like spaghetti picnics!" -@treesweets

"[She showed me] that it's up to me to feel happy -- and starting each day with a walk is a great way to start the day with a smile!" -@AwareAboutsID

"Travel." -Matt Smith

"As a child we had to practice gratitude every evening by saying what we're thankful for today." -@gluexfee


"My mom always pushes me to see the positive side of every situation, even if when I feel like there are no silver linings. She also taught me from an early age that I am responsible for my own joy -- it shouldn't depend on anyone (or anything) else." -Lindsay Holmes, Associate Editor, GPS for the Soul

"She said flow and do what your heart tells you." -@Lux_for_health

"Love yourself to love others." - @PrincessDi372

"Start meditating." -Meredith Melnick, Editorial Director, HuffPost Healthy Living

"Don't compare yourself to others." -@LowcountryVeg

"According to my mother, the key to happiness is taking risks even when you're scared. My mom is amazing -- she's a former professional triathelete and now an incredible middle school teacher. But even though she's done amazing things with her life, there are a few opportunities she's wished she'd taken. I hope that I can be half the woman and mother she is one day." -Carly Ledbetter, HuffPost Lifestyle Fellow

"[She taught me] to often have social contacts while also advising that one is better off alone than with false people." -Kevin Le Meilleur


"Happiness isn't only about big life events -- it's in the small things too. It's in family dinners, chocolate and reading a good book." -Abigail Wise, Social Media Fellow, HuffPost Healthy Living

Tell us in the comments: What's the best happiness advice you've ever received from the mom in your life?



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