05/12/2014 04:01 pm ET Updated May 12, 2014

China Plays Kenny G's 'Going Home' On Loop Every Single Day At Closing Time

"If you go to Tiananmen Square, or go to any public area in China, you will hear my music at some point," Kenny G told The Huffington Post back in January. We hadn't grasped the seriousness of this statement until now.

In a New York Times article from May 10, China revealed a long-standing love for Kenny G's 1989 hit "Going Home." "Every day, 'Going Home' is piped into shopping malls, schools, train stations and fitness centers as a signal to the public that it is time, indeed, to go home," New York Times' Dan Levin writes. Asked why the song has been looped for the last hour and a half of each day since 2000, the manager of a famous antiques market responded, “Isn’t it just played everywhere?”

There's no explaining the song or Kenny G's popularity in China. Kenny G himself has no idea why he's adored, but he's more than content to "leave some of the mystery." All he knows is that when he performs in China, he makes sure to save "Going Home" for last.



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