05/12/2014 06:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Army Veteran Wes Moore Speaks Out On The Unspoken Plight Of Homeless Female Vets

In his new PBS series "Coming Back with Wes Moore," Army veteran Wes Moore explores the often painful process of returning home from combat, including the experience of a frequently forgotten subset of that population -- women.

Moore told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill that the realities faced by female soldiers have not received the recognition they deserve in conversations about veterans.

"I remember when we were having this whole debate about women being allowed in combat arms units and women in combat, and I remember a bunch of my soldiers laughing like, 'I don’t know what debate they're talking about because women have been seeing combat for a long time now.' This is not a new phenomenon," Moore said.

If we underestimate the role of women in combat, we're likely to underestimate the difficulty of their transition to civilian life. One of the issues Moore tackles in his PBS show is the frequency of homelessness among veterans who return to the United States, which has taken a toll on on many servicewomen, including those who are mothers.

"When we talk about veterans' issues, we don't think about homeless women or homeless mothers who happen to be veterans, but they are very much part of this conversation," he said.

See the full HuffPost Live segment with veteran and author Wes Moore below.



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