05/12/2014 02:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Take This Quiz To Find Out How Badly You've Been Duped By Snapple 'Facts'

Do goldfish have a three-second memory? Test your bullsh*t-o-meter!

Is a goldfish's attention span really three seconds?

No doubt you've heard some version of this statement -- it pre-dates the Internet -- but just because Snapple says it's true doesn't make it so. Three seconds? Definitely not! The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, a British charity, found the little fishes can store at least 24 hours' worth of memory in their smaller-than-a-pea-sized brains. And yet this is the very first "Real Fact," which began appearing on bottle caps in 2002.

Giving people incorrect information about goldfish brains is just the beginning of Snapple's problems with the truth. With a name that's either intentionally ironic or sadly unaware, many "Real Facts" are simply untrue, despite the company's claim to go through "a process every year of looking over the facts," as the company's vice president of marketing told The Atlantic in October 2013.

Take the quiz below to test your bullshit-o-meter and answer the question: Are you smarter than Snapple?

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While many Snapple facts are straight up false, a few more are just too absurd to pin down without some pretty extensive research. Professor Richard A. Davis, chair of the Department of Statistics at Harvard University, believed "Real Fact" #824 ("On average a man spends about five months of his life shaving") might have been verifiable "through various studies," for example. But the inherent vagueness of "average" would make it quite hard to confirm.

Most of the incorrect statements showed up earlier in the list, suggesting Snapple's fact-checkers got more thorough over time. Some of the facts have also been "retired" -- so it's possible the false statements are out of circulation -- but the website offers no way to tell which are still being printed.

Unfortunately, Snapple declined to comment.



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