05/12/2014 08:37 am ET Updated May 12, 2014

'Veep' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Guns, Punches And Finnish Flubs In 'Detroit'


Selina Meyer's daughter Catherine took home the gold in this week's "Veep" diss rankings. She may not have had the most one-liners, but her sucker punch pushed her over the edge into obese gun fanatic famehood. That scene coupled with Chris Meloni's guest appearance as Ray, Selina's play thing/ personal trainer, made "Veep" Season 3 Episode 6 the best installation yet. Check out the best lines from "Detroit" and try not to hate on the Finnish.

Selina Meyer
  • Time to lose your fiscal cherry!
  • I haven't bent this far since I was five centimeters dilated.
  • That Finnish f-f-f-fart!
  • I need R and R. I need rest. I need Ray-creation.
  • In your country, people fuck snow and I hope you understand that I say that with the utmost respect.
Dan Egan
  • Catherine, I can't send Mike and Ben to Coachella. But you, you're hip. You're deck. Deck's a thing, right?
  • Mike, why would you send me this shit? You might as well have just sat on the fucking keyboard and sent me that.
  • Ma'am, you need to be conservative and liberal. Look at guns but don't touch guns. Don't even say the word "gun."
Amy Brookheimer
  • I look tense because, well, 1. I have broad shoulders and 2. that's the job.
  • The entourage is getting way too big. We are only days away from an omelette chef and a piano tuner.
Mike McLintock
  • Jonah, come here. Sometimes I feel like there's a nine-year-old boy inside of you just operating the levers.
  • Talk about the GDP. Nobody knows what that means.
Catherine Meyer
  • Mom, not the help. Geezus, that's tacky.
  • This is really nice, working together as a family. I actually enjoyed the gun show. Once I got used to all the regular people and how fat they were I really enjoyed it.
Gary Walsh
  • You're going to be like the fairy jobmother.
Jonah Ryan
  • So sad. I hate murder.