05/13/2014 11:57 am ET

Colbert Responds To Michael Sam's Kiss, Throws A Penalty Flag For 'Unnecessary Tenderness'

Stephen Colbert was in full "Stephen Colbert" mode on Monday night, mock-criticizing Michael Sam for waging a "war on traditional grid-iron values" amidst being drafted by the NFL.

After rolling the clip of Sam receiving the news and then kissing his boyfriend, Colbert threw a flag for "Holding: Unnecessary Tenderness." He then deadpanned, "Folks, this is just wrong. In the NFL, sexuality is supposed to take place off camera, and the fans should only find out about it when the charges are filed."

Of course, there were a few people out there who were actually bothered by Sam's display of basic human emotion, not the least of which was Donald Trump. Watch the clip above to see Colbert take fake issue with the historic moment, and why Trump thought it was a little much.



Reactions To Michael Sam Press Conference