05/13/2014 02:26 pm ET Updated May 13, 2014

San Franciscans Are Meeting Up Just To Take Instagram Photos

Because deciding how to frame that sunset and knowing when (if ever) to use the Kelvin filter sometimes calls for a group effort, you can now go on organized Instagram walks in San Francisco.

These so-called Instawalks were the subject of creative strategist Oscar Nilsson’s 2-minute mini-documentary “From Followers to Friends,” above, which spotlights a squad of iPhone-wielding photogs using sites like to plan trips to San Francisco’s most picturesque spots.

While the the video is full of eye-roll worthy moments -- a staged jumping shot, not-so-candid use of sparklers -- the Instawalkers say the meetups have helped them explore the city and learn more about photography, and we can get behind people using apps to connect face-to-face, #nofilter.

If you’re interested in a group ‘gram sesh, there are meetups at the Palace of Fine Arts and Washington Square Park this Saturday.



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