05/13/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

20 Places Where Dinosaurs Still Roam The Earth

In science class, you probably learned that dinosaurs are extinct.

We've got a few places that might make you think twice.

1. This garden off the highway in Oregon
Twenty three dinos just, like, pop out of the foliage to devour you.
prehistoric gardens

2. Universal Studios Singapore
jurassic park

3. This truck stop in California
The museum inside this massive T. rex has a creepily anti-evolution edge.
dinosaurs cabazon

4. Pretty much everywhere in Drumheller, Canada
Drumheller has a museum of dinos nearby, but there are also dinosaurs in parking lots and at the grocery store and on the town welcome sign. Like who even knew Canada had dinosaurs?!
royal tyrrell museum of paleontology

5. The National Zoo
His name is Uncle Beazley.
national zoo uncle beazley

6. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History
dinosaur museum

7. This abandoned mini golf course in Wisconsin
dinosaur oshkosh

8. The Field Museum of Chicago
Her name is Sue, and this what it looks like when her face gets cleaned.
field museum dinosaur

9. This abandoned amusement park in Germany
Even dinosaurs get tired after millions of years (but be warned: it's technically illegal to visit them).
spreepark dinosaur

10. This field in Texas
It's part of Dinosaur Valley State Park. And yes, this dude is supposed to be the Sinclair dinosaur.
sinclair dinosaur

11. The Natural History Museum in London
dinosaur museum

12. This rest stop in South Carolina
South of the Border is part motel, part Tex-Mex-themed amusement park... say hi to the sombrero-wearing Brontosaurus while you're there.
south of the border dinosaur

13. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science
denver museum of natural history dinosaur

14. This community college museum in New Mexico

15. The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
If you think these skulls are cool, wait till you see the petrified wood!
peabody museum dinosaur

16. This lake in Minnesota
Her name is Minne, she switches from lake to lake, and she's on Twitter.
minne the lake monster

17. These walls in Colorado and Utah
Dino remains are just chillin' in rocks at Dinosaur National Monument.
dinosaur national monument

18. The outside of this museum in Bozeman, Montana
They call him Big Mike.
museum of the rockies dinosaur

19. The Saint Louis Science Center
st louis museum dinosaur

legoland dinosaur



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