05/14/2014 08:08 pm ET Updated May 14, 2014

Why This Couple Blocked All Their Exes On Facebook -- And Why Maybe You Should Too

It's the definition of a modern love dilemma: Should you be friends with your exes on Facebook when you're in a relationship -- or is best to just say no to that friend request? (After all, how many times have you heard about a middle-aged woman or man who reconnected with an old high school flame only to leave their husband or wife for that person?)

For relationship coach K. Jason Krafsky, the solution was simple: Block every last one of the exes he had befriended on Facebook since signing up for the site. The same went for his wife and her exes-turned-Facebook friends. All deleted, all blocked.

"We had gotten friend requests from ex-boyfriend and girlfriends from our past and that opened up a whole new conversation which is, what do we do with these exes?" Krafsky explained on HuffPost Live Tuesday. "And while we had started befriending and accepting the friend requests and interacting with our exes a bit, we both felt like there was something uncomfortable with that and we weren't sure what it was. We took some time to talk about it ... and we made the decision we were going to block all our exes."

He added, "If it's not helping to build up our relationship and it could possibly threaten our relationship, than the [Facebook friendship] is not worth having in our life."

Watch the video above to hear more about Krafsky's decision, or go here to check out the full HuffPost Live segment on the navigating social media after a breakup.

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Should You Delete Your Ex On Facebook?