05/14/2014 03:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marilee Boozer, School Nurse, Accused Of Stealing Kids' Prescription Meds

A school nurse in Lake City, Florida, has been arrested after allegedly stealing a student's prescription medication from the school's nurse's station.

On Tuesday, Marilee Boozer, 24, was charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance, according to NBC Miami.

Boozer was booked and later released on $5,000 bond.

The investigation that lead to Boozer's arrest began last week after a parent reported medication was taken from Pinemount Elementary School where she is employed.

Boozer resigned from her position on the same day of her arrest.

Officials for the Columbia County School District are trying to see how extensive the alleged drug thefts may have been.

"We actually are in the the midst of that investigation, talked to our supervising nurse who has been pouring over student records and so forth, she's spent two or three days and we're trying to and get to the bottom of that and move forward also," Superintendent Terry Huddleston told

Teresa Elwell claims that Boozer has been giving her grandson a medication different from his prescribed Ritalin for the past three months.

Elwell said she gave Boozer 15 pills on Feb. 6, but the suspect called 12 days later saying she spilled some pills down the sink and that the bottle was empty.

"If she had spilled it down she still waited eight days before she called, which doesn't make sense about it," Elwell told the station.

Ritalin pills are blue, but Elwell says she discovered her grandson was getting yellow pills from Booze, and worries that the boy might suffer ill health effects from whatever the yellow pills were.

As a result, she wants to see Boozer charged with child endangerment.

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